About Eric


Eric is an ANBF pro natural bodybuilder, strength coach, raw powerlifter, and researcher. He is currently completing his PhD in Human Movement Science at UNC Chapel Hill, where he conducts exercise and nutrition research.

Eric has received numerous grants and awards for his academic contributions to the fields of exercise and nutrition. He has previously been featured in several outlets, including Alan Aragon’s Research Review, Shape Magazine, BioLayne.com, and Sigma Nutrition Radio.


BSEd, Exercise Science Education, The Ohio State University (2013)

MA, Exercise and Sport Science (Exercise Physiology), UNC Chapel Hill (2015)

PhD, Human Movement Science, UNC Chapel Hill (In progress)


Over 25 published research papers (12 as lead author), and over 50 research abstracts

Areas of interest: Exercise and dietary interventions to influence performance, body composition, and metabolism

Reviewer for several peer-reviewed scientific journals

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Eric_Trexler

PubMed: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Trexler%20ET[Author]


CSCS (NSCA, strength and conditioning specialist)

CISSN (ISSN, sports nutrition)

Competition History

2011 INBF Cardinal Classic

1st place, Novice overall ohampion

2012 USAPL Battle of the Great Lakes

1st place, 82.5 kg juniors

2013 INBF Blue Ridge Open and Collegiate Nationals

1st place, Open bodybuilding overall champion

2013 INBF Natural Atlantic Coast

1st place, Open bodybuilding bantamweight class

2017 ANBF Natural Mountaineer Championship

1st place, Open bodybuilding overall champion (*Pro card awarded)

1st place, Open classic physique overall champion (*Pro card awarded)

2017 ANBF Elite Physique Transformations Natural Classic (**Pro Debut)

3rd place, Pro bodybuilding




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